Welcome to Loran International Sales, Inc.

Supplier of kitchen, galley, and laundry equipment for offshore industries.

Loran International sells a wide range of industrial-grade equipment and appliances to the offshore drilling, exploration, and marine industries.

Our Inventory

Loran’s extensive inventory contains high-quality OEM, replacement, and spare parts for a variety of offshore needs such as air conditioning and heating, kitchen appliances and accessories, storage equipment, home and office furnishings and accessories, recreational needs, and much more.

Competitive Pricing

We offer fair and reasonable prices to our clients. Our sales staff has the industry knowledge and experience to provide customers with the equipment they need at the best possible price. We also maintain strong sourcing capabilities for quality OEM alternatives at our customer’s request in order to find additional savings.

Customer Service

Our streamlined systems allow us to provide customers with quick and timely responses to all expediting questions. As we continue to expand our network of clients and manufacturers, our primary goal is to provide all services necessary to fulfill our customers' needs.

Loran International supplies OEM replacement parts, generic replacement parts, and spare parts for all your offshore kitchen, galley, and laundry equipment.